I am Mariam Duduchava.

I was born in 1993 in Moscow. My roots are from Abkhazia and Zugdidi. Zugdidi is a provincial city in Georgia, my maternal line of relatives originates from there. It is told that the Golden Fleece was located in Kolkhida, which is the current day location of Zugdidi.

As a matter of fact, my Georgian roots have a big influence on me as a whole and it is reflected in my art. My first works were created in Moscow, while the living forms of 2016 were conceived in Zugdidi, where my parents live now. After the war in 2008, at the age of 14, I moved to Tbilisi, where I finished my school education. I moved to Moscow at 18, where I worked and continued my studies, changing many positions, workplaces and universities during 2 years.

Since 2015 I began painting in oil an A3 format abstract work on the subject “Silhouettes of Dreams”. Practically all initial works were sold. Consequently I moved on to more serious materials such as the canvas, and created “Red pain”, my most important and personally cherished painting. In that small work I put together all my experiences and inclinations into the red colour, it is precisely with this picture that I began consecutive works such as AIDS, Glass in Glass, Twins, etc.

I want to create and paint many works, my dream is to have a studio and to work on new ideas. At current time I study molecular and chemical properties of nature, and want to create a series of organic works where natural properties will be showcased. That which isn’t seen by the naked eye, in molecular forms I see the universe, the creation of life, and all that man has forgotten nowadays. I would like to take us back to the origins of our being, which has its harmony, chaos, and balance. All of this is contained in us; our soul is mentally connected to the universe; it has information. I want to read it and paint it.

During the last few years I created two photography projects, “The Birth of Light and Darkness” in 2015 and “Body Synesthesia” in 2016, which were published in various online publications. Also shot the experimental clip “Sarcomae – Тар”; performed the “Basic Instinct” performance; took part in a 2016 exhibition with the “PLAVLENIE” union.